Clean Plus Liquid Chlorine – 12.5% Bleach

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Concentrated bleach with 12.5% available chlorine for extra stubborn stains.

Use on whites only.

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Liquid Chlorine Bleach 12.5% is a yellow thin liquid with a characteristic chlorine odour. This product offers excellent disinfection properties against virulent organisms, especially
gram negative rods which are becoming increasingly troublesome to control due to increasing incidence of acquired resistance.
Chlorine compounds are well recognised as a disinfectant for selected applications in hospitals and more recently greater emphasis is being placed on the use of these compounds.

It also whitens surfaces and fabrics.
Liquid Chlorine Bleach 12.5% is suitable for Commercial and Domestic use, making it ideal not only for your home but also for hospitals, nursing homes and hotels.

  • Concentrated 125g/L Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Deodorises, cleans and disinfectants
  • Removes Stains in Kitchens
  • Cleans Bathrooms
  • Whitens Clothes & Nappies


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