Foam Hand Wash Thin 5L

$30.00 ex. GST

Produces rich lather in just 1 press, gentle on hands, leaves refreshing fragrance.

Ideal for everyday hand cleaning and for use in plastic and stainless steel dispensers.

Foam Hand Wash Thin has a fresh fragrance, enriched with softening agents which makes it mild on the skin. It is a light blue product of low viscosity. It is free from phosphates and solvents, has leathered foam and special emollient which leaves skin feeling light and fresh.

  • PH = 6.5 – 7.5
  • Can be dispensed through pumps
  • Ideal for frequent use
  • Specially formulated to provide an instant rich, creamy foam using a blend of natural soap, conditioner and mild surfactants.
  • Safe to use and will not taint food
  • Ideal for use in plastic and stainless steel dispensers


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