Clean Plus Washroom Cleaner / Sanitiser 5L

$16.00 ex. GST

Acid based cleaner-disinfectant, cleans and deodorises urinals and toilet bowls.

Removes uric acid, scale and other stains from stainless steel and porcelain surfaces.

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This washroom cleaner / sanitiser is a blue slightly viscous liquid with a fresh fragrance. This product is designed to effectively clean, disinfect and deodorise toilet bowls, ceramic urinals and
stainless steel sinks. It is specially thickened with a clinging additive to avoid wastage in use and to guarantee maximum effectiveness of cleaning.

It is formulated from mineral acid for maximum stain, body fats and soil removal and is also ideal to remove rust, scale and uric acid deposits.

  • Heavy duty cleaner and sanitiser
  • Kills germs and odours
  • Safe on most surfaces


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